About Us

About us !

At Gorilla TechMaster we are obsessed about gadgets and handyman repairs. We’re not self-described geniuses, but we are experts at what we do.

Gorilla TechMaster & Repair LLC (Gorilla TechMaster) is an all around repair service company that specialized in anywhere from electronics, mobile repair, computer repair, home automation, and business commercial repair. We service New York and New Jersey and CT locations. Gorilla TechMaster core service is everything when it comes to repairs, that’s what makes us special. Gorilla TechMaster follow its own established standard of excellence in its industry.


Our excellence provide in 3 things:

  • Accurate services and repairs
  • High Quality Repairs
  • Superior Customer Service



Company History

Gorilla TechMaster & Repair LLC was established in 2017 by Christopher Gaskill. While Christopher was working for successful repair business like Ubreakifix and LaptopMD. Christopher rose quickly to learn and master assets of a business, as he earned his BS in business degree at University of Phoenix he knew it was time for him to be standout on his own. Turning a low end company to a high profit company within months, Christopher knew that he had a lot of opportunities with anyone. Over course of 2 years Christopher brand his company and try to figure out what can be a major standout in the industry, so one night he had a dream of a image he knew it was meant to be and how to make his company successful. Since the launched of the company, Christopher was able to partner with Amazon Professional Service, Wayfair. Company has grown from New York location to New Jersey and parts of CT.

Our Teams

When I started this company, I had a vision where I can make things simple and easier for customers.

Gorilla Tech
Christopher Gaskill

Founder & CEO

Gorilla Tech
Kamran Shahid

Lead Designer

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